Granite & Stone Sealing

Grout CleaningIf you’re lucky enough to have granite, marble, or natural stone floors or countertops then you know that the value they can add to your home or business. That value can be expressed both financially and aesthetically. Granite and marble are exceptionally beautiful materials to surround yourself with.

Because granite, marble, and natural stone surfaces are so nice to look at and so valuable it’s important that you protect them. That’s where The Groutsmith comes in. We specialize in cleaning and sealing porous surfaces such as granite and other natural stone. Dirt and grime will gradually work itself into stone floors and countertops. The Groutsmith has spent years creating the perfect products to clean these surfaces as well as developing the perfect techniques to get the ultimate in cleanliness without damaging the surface.

If you’ve got a granite counter top, marble floors, or any other natural stone surface in your Florida home or business, call The Groutsmith today. We can remove the accumulated dinginess and make your granite, marble, and stone surfaces look brand new again. Best of all, after restoring your stone surfaces The Groutsmith will seal in its natural luster, effectively preventing dirt and grime from seeping back in. Don’t risk damaging your granite, marble, and stone investments by hiring a less experienced contractor for your cleaning and sealing. The Groutsmith has years of experience perfecting techniques to get the maximum cleaning effect without damaging the surface. Over time the Groutsmith has also developed its own proprietary products for tampa stone sealer and cleaning based on our professional experience in seeing what works.

The Groutsmith’s granite, marble, and stone surface cleaning and sealing services are now available in Tampa and the entire Pasco and north Hillsborough County area. Our expert granite repair tampa services are top of the line. At the Groutsmith we’re committed to quality service and craftsmanship. Our proprietary skills and knowledge are the envy of the entire contracting industry. Call us today so that we can put those skills, knowledge, and expertise to work for you. Our technicians are armed with the best cleaning supplies and techniques and are ready to do battle against your granite, marble, and stone surface gunk.

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