About Groutsmith Fl

Grout CleaningThe Groutsmith company started in 1992 when we realized there was a stunning lack of expertise on offer when it came to tile and grout. Tile and grout work was being done by amateurs, handymen, and general contractors who really didn’t understand the finer details of this specific work. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a professional who could diagnose the damage to your tile and grout and then clean, repair, or restore it? That’s how we started. Compared to the general skills of your typical handyman, The Groutsmith’s technicians are virtual trained artists. Instead of paint and canvas our art is expressed in your grout and tile. Our courteous professional technicians are standing by to solve all of Tampa’s tile and grout problems.

Why is it so important to go with the experts when it comes to your grout and tile? Without the right expertise, tile and grout can actually be damaged by attempts to clean, repair, or restore it. The Groutsmith is the most trusted name in tile and grout in Pasco and northern Hillsborough Counties. We are insured, certified, and have the industry’s most advanced tools and techniques at our disposal. Each Groutsmith technician is sent out with expert knowledge in all aspects of grout and tile restoration and repair.

The Groutsmith’s reputation goes back 35 years, when founder Jonathan Smith got into the business of tile and grout. That’s 35 years of experience that we put into every job. That experience has led to the development of the industry’s top products and techniques for tile and grout cleaning and restoration. 35 years in the industry means we get superior results in less time while charging you less money. We’ve turned tile and grout into a highly specialized profession, and we take great pride in using that specialized skill set to put a smile on our Florida customer’s faces.

The Groutsmith’s mission statement:

“To provide the highest quality of tile and grout cleaning, restoration and repair; to enable homeowners and business owners to enjoy and appreciate the beauty and functionality of their tile and grout surfaces; and to instruct proper maintenance techniques and provide the best products to keep their tile and grout beautiful.”

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