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Grout CleaningTampa tile and restoration continues to be a growing need for both residential and commercial consumers. The Groutsmith, now serving Pasco and north Hillsborough Counties, is America’s expert in repair, restoration, and cleaning of grout and tampa tile. When it comes to Tampa tile cleaning and tampa grout cleaning, nobody is more knowledgeable than The Groutsmith.

The Groutsmith specializes in everything related to tile cleaning and grout cleaning. We do cleaning. We do restoration. We do repair, preservation, sealing, and re-bonding. If you have a home or business in Pasco County or North Hillsborough County then call the Groutsmith today to find out how we can make your tile and grout the envy of the community.

Over time, wear and tear on your tampa tile floors and grout can begin to show. When it comes to cleaning and repairing the tile and grout in your home or business, we realize you have options. But make no mistake: No one does Tampa tile and grout better than us. We lead the industry when it comes to our products and services. And did we mention warranties?

Beyond tile and Tampa grout cleaning we also specialize in shower work. We can clean and restore your shower, undoing years of unavoidable buildup and damage through normal usage. We also do cleaning and sealing for granite, marble, and other natural stone surfaces. Altogether that means we do cleanings, restorations, and/or sealings for showers, countertops, walls, fireplaces, floors, and even walls.

The Groutsmith uses only the finest Groutsmith professional products in performing tampa tile restoration services. Amateurs and handymen might be tempted to use harmful products for these tasks, such as harsh acid cleaners, pressurized steam or water, or even carpet cleaning products. All of these tools can damage grout and tile! Because we specialize in these fixtures, our customers can rest assured that our tools are made specifically for these jobs and that their grout and tile investments are in safe hands with us. If you have hollow tile we can repair the tile and we can always replace the tile.

The Groutsmith is the number one tampa grout and tile service provider in Florida. We guarantee no more dirty tile or grout for 10 years backed with a 10 year warranty. We now offer our full line of services in the Tampa and Pasco areas. Call us today to find out why Florida thinks we’re the best. Put our superior expertise to work for you on your next home or business improvement project.

There is no project too small. We also offer a 10% discount to all senior citizens. Call us today!

Contact us today for more information by requesting a FREE Estimate & Demo with Florida’s best grout and tile company, The Groutsmith!

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